Seeing Blue

"Seeing Blue" is what we have named our collection of art pieces created by the children.  In all of the activities that go on in class we incorporate ways for the children to recognize colors, numbers, letters, etc.   On this day, the children had three choices in creating their art. They had a color palette filled with different shades of blue, an easel with a cup of paint, and last a cup of paint on the table. The finished work is displayed in the classroom so feel free to use your eye for art to discover the hidden masterpiece in itself.

 He concentrated like if nobody else was in the room!

After she was done painting her picture she decided to also express her creativity on the table and cup. : )

He was visiting the class during this project. He was the youngest in the class and the most excited to create his masterpiece!

He was more interested in painting himself. : )

He put the paint in his hands to feel the consistency!  Nice and cold, feels good in your hands!

He thought it would be better to paint on the easel, then the floor… : )

He slowly approached the art table making sure to be very cautious : ) He was also the only one to use the water colors.

Matthew B.


Matthew A.




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