Science Fair

Our class recently held it’s annual Science Fair. The topics were centered on the theme of Earth and space science. Topics included the composition of the Earth, moon and other planets, gravity and orbits around the Sun, questions about meteors, and the relationship between the tilt of the Earth’s axis and the seasons. It was an excellent opportunity for the students to revisit questions inspired by our year-long study of space. Other projects focused on temperature, meteorology, the desert biome, and the human body.



Each student completed a project, either experimental or research based, following the standard scientific process. They reported their findings to a panel of peers and teachers. Their expertise was evident as they explained their individual projects in great detail, and answered questions posed mostly by their peers. The presentations were clear, effective, and well-communicated, and the questions were just as impressive.






Science Fair is a widely held event both at the primary and secondary levels, meant to familiarize students with research and experiment methods, the process of collecting and interpreting data, and analysis of findings. In our school, science is a primary mode of education. This is a consequence of our deliberate aim to provide the students with strong foundational science education, as well as their inherent tendencies to theorize, experiment, and research. Children are naturally scientists, and by structuring their curiosity-fueled practice with knowledge and practice of the scientific method, we are preparing them to pursue their interest to the most advanced levels of current scientific study.



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