Biomes and Sea Life Continued






“If a starfish loses an arm he can grow another one.” -Musa S.

This week we are completing our books all about the sea animal we wanted to learn about. We are looking at different features, why they have certain body parts, how it helps them survive, what they eat and etc. Our books will be added to the Fish Tank area soon, so please be on the look out for it!

We have also begun recreating different sea animals. We are examining the eyes, legs, body and different body parts to make it look just like the real one! We looked through all our books about oceans and sea life. This will also be added to our Fish tank area.





We provided the children with many different materials. We left it all up to them and they did an amazing job!

As they created these pieces, we also read about these sea creatures and learned some cool facts!

Dungeness Crab” By:Kylie

Dungeness crab live in the forest on Christmas island in the Pacific Ocean. Once a year, millions of crabs leave the forests and walk to the ocean where they breed on beaches.

“Horseshoe Crab” By:Kylie

Horseshoe crab lay about 20,000 eggs.

“Clown Fish” By:Natalia

“Blue Tang”


“Flat Fish” By:Kylie

Both eyes are on one side of the head. 

Clown Fish By: Natalia

Baby Turtle By: Amanda


We are still working on our biomes and trying to complete them! 






The students are learning about certain animals that have to live in a biome to help it function and survive.


Noah made a snail and  Alligator for his Swamp Biome! 



Learning Goals:

  • Investigating how the external characteristics of an animal help them move and eat.
  • Observe, record, and how the physical characteristics and behavior help meet their basics needs. Ex.-Fins help fish move and balance in the water.
  • Children are provided varied opportunities and materials to collect data and represent and document their findings through drawing.
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