Building Minds

Some of us came to spend some time with the preschool class in the hallway.  The Reggio Emilia philosophy encourages children to work together.  This helps the children learn from each other, work through problems together, and collaborate their ideas.

Two of the children created a “house airplane” and were so excited to jump and dance in it!  The other children came and watched, and then were inspired to create their own projects.

 Blocks and building materials help “build” a child’s mind.  They involve the child as a whole and help them understand spaces and shapes, create, solve problems, learn to balance and fit pieces together.  Most importantly it encourages the children’s creativity.  They can make their own designs and have pride in what they created.  It also fosters fantasy play.

We believe in using opportunities when children build to have them TELL us about what they made.  This will encourage a dialog and offer the child new opportunities to explore.  We can talk about the animals, count how many blocks they used, which ensures that the children are getting a better understanding of math, reading, writing, etc.

These children began playing with the elephants, and then began making the “elephants’ house”.  They spent time carefully balancing and stacking the blocks, and with each new block they added, we took the time to count.

Other children came along to visit thier play, and they enjoyed arranging the blocks in other ways, so that the elephants could continue being in their home.

Many of the children enjoyed trying to create structures with these materials.  This is challenging in the fact that they need to connect more than one side in order to have a sturdy structure.  They are strong willed, however, and are always up for the challenge.

They enjoy building structures that are larger than they are ;0)  They work together to build, facing balancing challenges.They are careful to place the animals just how they need them……

Or have the animals hiding under a special bridge…..


Finding out that they can even fit nicely in a hole!

Legos will always be one of the favorites that the children use to create structures.  We love to count and talk about the number of each color that we have.

The children in the school spend time daily at the fish tank and with the other animals in the school.  We use this time to read books, find pictures of the fish we have in our tank in or books, and draw and spell about what we see.

Their handwriting is developing so well, and there is so much attention made to each specific mark.  Notice how close he is to his paper!  He drew so slowly and carefully, making sure that it was just how he wanted it…..

We are working on our fine motor skills with all of the activities we do in class (beading, clay, play dough, etc.)  This will help with our handwriting in the future, and help us to have better control of how we hold our pens and markers.

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