Learning through Sensory Experiences

The children are learning colors, numbers, letters, etc……..

however, we choose to make the experience of learning a whole body experience by inviting them to different areas of the room to experience these subjects in a different way.  While we are reinforcing our knowledge of colors, the room is set up in a way to promote the children to distinguish the different colors as they are working.

We have different colors of sand, paper, tape, paint etc, so that the children can engage in conversation about the number of pieces they use, the colors they are using, etc…..


We have provided different materials to help the children with fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, and to use their creativity.  They scoop, pour, count, and feel different textures and weights while they work……

Sensory play helps children explore, process, and come to understand new information.  We believe in allowing children to learn through experience, not just by lecture and worksheets.  Allowing them to learn with their senses makes for a more engaging and meaningful experience.

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