Exploring Flour and Baby Oil

Today, we introduced the kids to flour and baby oil. It has a nice silky texture that is  inviting for the children to explore with their hands and smells great too!

First we had to get our hands dirty!

They learned that by patting it down, it makes big chunks that they can pick up!


This child decided that he wanted to drive his car through the mixture!

Wait, there’s another tub! We can’t forget to explore in that one!

One of our children made the connection that the flour sticks to the wheels after he drives it through dough.  This is one ’cause’ and ‘effect’ scenario that children learn through exploring with different materials.

Another child was very interested in how he can mold it with his hands.

Keeping focus on his creation, he carries it over to the other tub to continue his exploration!

I am not quite sure what this is…but it sure is interesting!

OOPS, the children have made a mess on the floor!

I know what to do… lets use the mess to cover the pumpkin!

See, watch me! You do it like this!


He wanted to cover anything he could, but he realized that it was not as easy because of the slick surface. The dough will not stick!

This feels great on my hands!

Look at the marks that I can make by pushing the dough!

This is a perfect track for my car!

Look at the lines that I can make with my car when I push and pull it!

What is left at the end of the day is a tub full of lines and trails, positive and negative forms, and an endless amount of exploration and fun!

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