Glowing Knowledge

We provide the children with different experiences to help promote their curiosity and creativity.  On this day, we used the black light to make our paper, stickers, and markers glow! We spent time drawing, and using our little fingers to peel and stick neon stickers.  As we drew, we talked about our names and took time to spell and write the letters.  The children followed after the teachers and wrote their names on the paper.

They made marks for each letter, and even made comments like, “seven, eight nine……seven, eight, nine” as we wrote.
We counted the stickers, markers, and legos as we spent time here.  This brought life to counting and writing.  The children were excited to spell and count, which is what we aim to do here at our school.  Our goal is to create a LOVE for LEARNING, rather than have children memorize information. In the end we had beautiful pieces created by the children, we explored our creativity, and we reinforced our knowledge of math, writing, and spelling.

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