Story Time and Apple Cupcakes





We’ve been reading a lot! The children enjoy looking at the pictures of books and talking to their friends about the books they are looking at. They like to look at the pictures and come up with a story all on their own! Some children can even remember the stories after they have listened to their teachers read them, they recite the stories to the class.  We are now letting the children read a book to the class during story time after the teachers read one.

One of our main goals for the children as we set the foundation for them to learn to read, is for them to ENJOY reading.  We want them to LOVE the time dedicated to reading.  We have story time everyday, but sometimes it falls at different times of the day.  We believe that the best time to read is when the children show interest.

Seeing this LOVE for reading evolve, is helping the children begin to develop their reading skills.  We are excited to come to this new milestone in our class!

When they are looking at books, they are looking at the words and seeing the letters and this is helping with their letter recognition. By telling their own stories, they are using their imagination by connecting the pictures to their own personal experiences. When they repeat the story as they have heard it told, they are beginning to understand the characters, plot, and sequence of events.

We encourage the children to bring their favorite books to school so that they can share them with their friends. This will encourage them to read to their friends or to sit during story time and answer questions about characters, plot, and sequence of events.

This morning, the children were spending time at the “red” table and the art table.  Jackson was at the art table making “big circles”! He was drawing many circles on top of one another in different colors and each time he drew one, he would say, “Circle!” Connor was at the red table talking about the color red and bat caves. He said, “Bat caves have bats and a bad guy.” Logan said, “Bats look like fish.”  😛

We are going to research bats and bat caves. First, they will learn that bats are not fish! ;0) We will investigate where bats live, what they eat, and how they move. So far we have learned about fish and other aquatic life, crocodiles and other reptiles, and we will incorporate bats. This is helping the children compare the animals, learn about their features and characteristics, and their habitats.





This is an introduction to scientific studies of life and nature. Reading and writing will be incorporated in our project so that this project will also help with other skills such as reading, writing, social, and language development.








We provided the children with water and oatmeal in their cooking area. They enjoyed rolling it around in their hands for a while but then they began to make cupcakes.  They were counting cupcakes and using spoons to fill the cupcake pans as if they were using teaspoons/tablespoons. When they filled the cupcake pan, the children put it inside the “oven”. Seconds later, they would check it and say, “It’s not ready yet!”

When the children are pretending to cook, they are using their cognitive skills by mixing and checking on their food after some time.  They are also using their math skills, social skills, and their language development is improving when they work together as a group on their cooking project.  But most of all, they are understanding where food comes from and how to cook!

We cook every week, and this week we will be making Applesauce Cupcakes!

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