Making Salsa

On this day we made a salsa! The children enjoyed every moment of the project from beginning to end. Cooking with toddlers exposes them to a whole new set of vocabulary words. During this activity we learned about new vegetables such as tomato, cilantro, avocado, and lime.  They experimented with manipulating their muscles and practicing their fine motor skills. The children did everything Рmixing the salsa, washing the vegetables, cutting the avocado, and sprinkling salt and pepper on the salsa. At first they examined the vegetables noticing color, smell, and taste. Then, they were allowed to cut the veggies with plastic knives. After combining all the ingredients in the bowl, they seasoned and mixed the salsa. Of course at the end, they were so excited and eager to help clean up all the mess!
Oops! :)Teamwork! Clean up!

Black bean avocado salsa!

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