Pink Play Dough for a Pink Cake

While reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar the children noticed that on Saturday the caterpillar ate a piece of cake. A conversation began on cake and we had comments like “I eat cake at my birthday!”, “I want pink cake!”, and “I want strawberry cake!”

 After hearing these comments, we made our pink dough! We made the dough with the children and turned it the color pink.  The children were so excited to make their dough. We counted during pouring and had much patience while taking turns.  We focused on our social skills, by counting and taking turns.  We spent time talking about the color pink to help the children recognize their colors.
By allowing the children to be part of the process of making the dough, they were able to experience the texture changes of the flour.  At the end of the project the children especially enjoyed making their cakes! They were patting and rolling their dough.

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