Time for Coral

The children are studying each species as we slowly add them to the saltwater tank.  After meeting with our friends at T&T Fish and Reef, we were given the “okay” to add CORAL!

We believe in making this the children’s project, so they went straight to work researching the types of coral that can go in a reef tank.

They agreed on four specific types: Mushroom Coral, Feather Dusters, Leather Coral, and Polyps.  They are each making books about the coral while working on creating a sculpture to represent the anatomy of the coral.

he feather duster……

the leather coral…….

This week, T&T Fish and Reef delivered two feather dusters for our tank!  The children are enjoying watching the shrimp and crabs “tickle” the coral, and watching the feathers go in and out!  It is amazing the level of knowledge they are gaining by watching these species on a daily basis.

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