Blocks of Ice

When the children went outside to play, we found colorful blocks of ice in all different sizes. The children took their time approaching the ice, and touching it to discover what it was and what they could do with it.

We believe in providing the children with experiences that provoke their curiosity and creativity.

Immediately they began to talk about the ice, we heard words like, “Cold!” “Blue” “Heavy” “Ice”

As they began to feel comfortable with the new experience, they started to move them around, and create with them.It was fun to see the colors of our hands change, and to feel how cold our hands got…..It was wonderful to see the children create “ice sculptures” with the different pieces.  They worked together to create, and most of the time, words were not spoken.  But each of the children could see what the intent was and they found a way to communicate without words….Ahhhhhhh and the best part of the day was sitting on the cold ice!   It took teamwork to try to pick up the BIG and HEAVY pieces, but when they tried and they broke, they always tried to put them back together again.

This play with the ice enabled the children to experience comparing the weight and size of the ice, the temperature, reinforce their knowledge of colors, use their creativity in building, and work on their motor skills.

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