Rainbow Antlers, Pink Elephants, and The Shape Forest!

The other day the children came into the art room to find a nice surprise. Their paper mache antler was completely dry and completely covered! We invited them to touch the antler and see how the consistency had changed.

Nohea: “It feels like bones!”

Alex: “It’s hard now!”

The students were so excited to see what they had created! “The longest, and hardest Super Antler ever!”

So once the initial excitement began to quiet down, we decided to present the students with a question. They had been studying the differences between horns and antler and learning about the many different animals that carried these different physical characteristics. So, we asked them what animal they thought would actually wear and grow an antler this big!

Evenlyn shouted, “an elephant would be big enough to grow an antler like this!”

Another child thought that was a silly answer since elephants couldn’t grow antlers.

So, we decided to raise another question or statement in order to allow the children to really think beyond the norm and stretch their imagination. “Well, this antler isn’t just any antler, you guys said that this is a Super Antler and it might take a very SPECIAL animal to wear it.”

Silence filled the room while the children thought about this statment.

Alex said: “What if it it belonged to a giant pink elephant!”

They got it! A flood of imagination entered into the art studio!

“What if it belonged to giant giraffe!”

“What if it belonged to a triceratops, even though triceratops had horns… ours could have an antler!” (Preston made sure the class understood this fact!)

Nohea said: “What if it belonged to a rainbow gazelle!”

The class seemed to love this idea and after we had a student directed vote, it was unanimous that our super antler belonged to a rainbow gazelle! However, there was one condition… the rainbow colors had to include the color “golden.”

One of our students was very passionate about including this color and we all agreed it would be a wonderful addition!

So after much discussion and planning, the final idea behind our antler was that it  belonged to a special rainbow gazelle that had shapes that covered his antlers. The shapes on his antlers were very important because he needed to be camouflage in the Shape Forest that he lived in so that he would be protected from enemies!


Let the painting begin!

We love to see the moment the students dive into a project that they have planned and prepared for. The passion and dedication is so apparent… it is absolutely inspiring!


We love the attention to detail and concentration!

Check out our beautiful “golden” detail!

The students decided that they would paint the entire antler sculpture first and then they would add the camouflage shapes later.

We can not wait to see where this project takes us next!

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