Adding Antlers

Thanks to one of our wonderful parents, we were provided with an elk antler, and two deer antlers! During art class, the children were allowed to touch and hold them.  This provided the children with a real life experience with the antler to become familiar with its size, length, weight, and texture.  We measured the length and discussed the characteristics, so that we could begin recreating the Elk antler.

We used foil and tape to start forming our antlers.  Ms. Marjon helped us observe the details of the antlers, so that we could form the foil to look like the real antlers.

We had fun putting our antlers on our own heads and pretending we were Elk. ;o)

We began showing each other our antlers, and the topic of “whose was bigger” came up.  We used the yard stick to measure our antlers, and some of us even added the length of more than one antler together.  We spent time working on addition while we were working on our antlers.  We measured the real Elk antler at 33 inches, so the goal was to find whose antlers we could put together to equal 33 inches!

When class was over, we had our antlers spread out on the table!  We cannot wait to see what the finished product will look like.


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