Creating Shapes For Our Super Shape Antler!

When the children entered into the studio for class they were presented with small vinyl circles placed atop a white sheet of paper, inspiration boards filled with a variety of shapes that they have been learning about with Mrs. Robin, and a few provoking materials.

We discussed the progress of our super antler. The children were excited that the structure of the long antler was finally finished! “That was hard work!” one of the children said.

“Yes, it was hard work, we replied! But, what an amazing creation you all have made together!”

Now it was time to create the shapes for our antler. Our Super Gazelle needed the shapes on his antler in order for him to become camouflage in the Shape Forest!

“He had to be protected from the enemies!” said Alex

We invited the children to look at the examples of shapes on the sample boards and find their favorite shape that they would like to create on their vinyl circle. They were also invited to choose  materials in the art studio that they thought would lend itself to the particular shape that they were trying to recreate.

They got right to work!

Each with their own individual ideas and individual plans!

 One student chose paint to draw three hexagon shapes while another students found small blue pebbles to glue into an oval shape!

There was definitely some problem solving happening in this room! How can we make these flat beads into a hexagon shape?

This child worked on manipulating the red beads in the wet glue until he was able to finally make a triangle with three points!

The students also discovered that if they draw the shape first, they could place thier circle over the shape and trace the shape with thier materials!

A heart shape in progress.

This student drew a triangle on his paper and then traced the shape with glue. However, he lost the three points that are characteristic to a triangle. We asked him what we could use to move the glue around in order to get the points back?

He found a stick in the classroom that worked perfectly!

Now it was time to add the “golden” glitter!

Ms. Brittney helped him remove his excess glitter and pour it back into the bowl.

Check out my amazing hexagon!

A purple oval out of tape!

A pink heart out of beads!

A neon yellow glitter heart!

A triangle out of sticks!

Of course we had to add a little glitter to jazz it up! :)

A semi circle in the making!

Check out our shape masterpieces below!

Reading from left to right:

Blue heart out of pebbles, blue oval out of pebbles, yellow glitter heart, blue hexagon out of beads, red triangle out of beads, purple oval out of beads, golden glitter triangle, purple and yellow oval, yellow glitter semi circle, triangle out of sticks, three hexagons out of acrylic paint, square with two triangles out of acrylic paint, red semi circle out of beads, gold glitter hexagon, pink heart out of beads.

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