Learning Through Art


As children develop better control over the muscles in their hands and fingers, their scribbles become more controlled. They make repeated marks– like circles and lines—and we are able to recognize their work. Over time, the make a transition to holding a marker between their finger and thumb.

We have seen these transitions, and we do recognize their work. We are continuing our Creative Drawing project because it invites them to use their imagination. They take their own personal experiences and add a fun twist, then turn it into a piece of art. With this, we encourage them to talk and write about it. They enjoy the process of this project because they get to express their thoughts and emotions through their art, and they are proud to share the story that is to be told from their pictures.

The children are using verbal communication to tell their teachers about what they have drawn, and this helps with their social skills and language development. They are also improving on their writing skills; all they need is an example of a letter to be shown, and they can duplicate the letter without any assistance.

Our goal is to encourage the children to express their thoughts and emotions, to tell stories, and eventually they will have confidence in the ability to imagine and communicate through anything they do.







Juliet, Jayson, Aven, Alena, Taylor, Logan, Perrin, Raymond, Zoey.




Ms. Karla spent some time introducing Spanish to a group of children. They went to the hallway and talked about shapes and colors. The children observed the shapes and colors, said them in English, and then said and wrote them in Spanish!

We would like to incorporate Spanish into everyday activity such as reading and writing.  This will help with language development as they come to understand pronunciation and different languages. This will also improve their social skills as they are able to communicate or understand some of the Spanish language.


We are talking about birthdays! Today we had a birthday party, and we have another one tomorrow!  We love to make birthday cards and have everyone sign it.  The children enjoy celebrating birthdays.


We talked about the month, day, and date and we counted to 30 and 31. The children are counting on their own to higher numbers, and they are understanding who’s birthday it is as well as the month of the year. We are still learning about the sequence of dates and days of the week as well as yesterdays, todays, and tomorrows.

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