Writing and Cooking

As the children work from day to day, we always incorporate a reading and writing component.   This has created a love and excitement for these subjects, and as a result the children spend extended periods of time writing letters, talking about the letters, and sounding out words!

These two year olds, turning three are beginning to write letters!  We are excited that they are showing such control of their motor skills and writing so well at such a young age……
 “Look!  I made my name!”” “I made a triangle!”

“H’s and L’s”….. “Look!  I made a triangle!”With all of the baking and cooking that the children do weekly, we have enhanced our “Home Area” in the classroom.  Rather than filling the space with toys and pretend cooking materials, we are providing them with real utensils and real cooking ingredients.  The end result is a time where the children are engaged for a longer period of time,  and having more meaningful conversations in their play.  They are bringing their real life experiences to this activity because they are becoming more familiar with cooking.  They talk about the names of the ingredients, how much they are using, and what they are making…… Cocoa Powder, flour, pasta,  and cornmeal is what the children used on this day to make “cupcakes”……. They were careful to pour slowly, and after the class time was over, we were excited to find that the floor under the table remained clean!!!  They have perfected their eye hand coordination and motor skills, and we are proud that our children can use these materials and the room still stay clean! In the end, as you can see from the photos above, they created some “delicious cupcakes”! ;0)

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