Investigating and Writing

We have been spending so much time reading about the jungle, animals that live in it, and watching short clips of the animals in action.  We spend so much time reading with the children, that they have truly developed a love for books.

We have a special book on the jungle that we love to look at on a daily basis.  We have taken time to research each animal one by one, in order to help the children take time to really “get to know” each animal.

They are beginning to have dialogue with each other, and although at times we are not quite sure what they are saying, they sure do understand what each one of them has to say! ;0)

 We have found a new favorite way to get cozy and read a book!  It is just the right size, and we LOVE to sit inside and read.  But most of all, we are becoming experienced writers!  Our marks are so far developed for our age, due to the fact that we are given the opportunity to explore with markers, paint, oil pastes, and other materials on a daily basis.  We encourage parents to talk with Ms. Marjon and Ms. Maryam on the “study of children’s scribbles”.  Many parents are not aware that there are 20 basic scribbles!  And once those 20 scribbles are mastered, the children are able to move on to creating letters, numbers and draw images.  We encourage parents to take time to analyze your child’s work with the scribble diagram’s that Ms. Marjon has.

 We are continuing this project daily, and we encourage parents to get involved and bring any materials from home that you feel we could use in our exploration.  Feel free to speak with Maryam if you have any questions.

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