Every day, Ms. Karla spends time incorporating Spanish into our project work. The children enjoy this time, and they are eager to explore another language.

We have been talking about shapes and colors in Spanish! They take turns saying the names in Spanish, drawing them, and writing them. The children observe the shapes and colors, then use blocks to compare them and answer questions in Spanish.








The children have been practicing introducing themselves in the Spanish language. We take turns saying, “Yo me llamo…” and their names. Some times we even write the words in Spanish to help them with letter recognition and phonics.







One of their favorite things is counting in Spanish!  We are now counting in Spanish to 13! We use the estimation table and count items in the jar to help with one to one correspondence . As they were putting the items in the jars, they were revisiting the names of shapes and colors of these items in Spanish.









The children are now familiar with spelling their names, and letters. When the teacher helps them spell their name, she says the letters in Spanish and asks them to repeat the letter as they write it with their markers.

We would like to continue to incorporate Spanish into everyday activity such as reading and writing.  This will help with language development as they come to understand pronunciation and different languages. This will also improve their social skills as they are able to communicate or understand some of the Spanish language.

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