Volcano Eruptions

We are currently investigating volcanoes.  The children are very excited about this topic, and everyday bring up the subject of volcanoes.  This has led us into reading books on volcanoes, watching them on the computers to learn about the characteristics of volcanoes, and also spelling words and recognizing letters in the word ‘volcano’.

Most of the artwork they create lately has something to do with a volcano……



 Gemma’s Volcano

 Alexander’s Volcano (top) and fire (bottom)

  Jacob’s Volcano


       Zoey’s Volcano


 Juliet’s Volcano


The children saw the lava as excitement, exploding from a mountain. They shared exciting views on volcanoes and they expressed their imagination with one another.

Zoey:                     “It’s a mountain with a dragon inside! But I don’t see the dragon…”
Isabella:               “I see a volcano where lava comes out!”
Aven:                    “It’s fire!”
Jack:                      “Yeah, from a volcano.”
Juliet:                    “The fire is coming out of the neck!”
Aven:                    “There’s no fire there, that’s the head! See, there’s the fire dragon!”
Alexander:          “No! Those are volcanoes!”
Aven:                    “No, there’s fire, see… and we can’t go in there.”
Jake:                      “Why not?”
Aven:                    “Because it’s scary.”

What is wonderful about children, is that they have the creativity to use what adults normally would not use to make a volcano.  We believe in this creativity, and allowing the children to use the materials in ways we normally wouldn’t think of.

A group of children even built a volcano using the large legos in the hallway! Gemma said, “It’s fire!” and Alexander said, “Yeah, from a volcano, it’s big!” Jackson said, “And when I’m a man, I can stand up and see the volcano!” ;-P

One of the classes made a volcano earlier this year, so we took it outside to try it out! ;-o

The class sat in a circle around the volcano. The teacher poured vinegar and baking soda into the volcano and it bubbled right back out of the top!



The children were speechless. Most of them were quiet, but some of them were saying “oooooh, lava!”

The mixture ran down the volcano and across the concrete. Watch out! ;-P


One of our wonderful parents brought in a Lava-Blasting Volcano Kit! The children spent the afternoon helping the teacher make the mixture and pour it into a container that would mold a volcano. This had to dry over night.







The next day, we took the volcano outside. The children said, “Look! It’s a small volcano!”  ;D They sat in a circle, and children from the other classrooms joined in.  😀

This time, we used baking soda, water, citric acid, and liquid dish soap to cause a chemical reaction for the volcano.



The children were excited to see the outcome of the chemical reaction! They observed the volcanic eruption and answered questions as we reviewed our knowledge on volcanoes…



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