Playing with Pizza

Last week, the children were playing in the kitchen.  We cook with the children once a week, and they are now very familiar with cooking ingredients.  We are now comfortable providing the children with real ingredients when they play in the “home area” in class.  This allows for their play to be more realistic and allows them to become more familiar with the characteristics of the ingredients they work with.

On one particular day, the children had water and flour to play with.  As they mixed the two, they created a dough.  They were feeling the dough with their hands, and squishing it through their fingers. They patted it down and put it on the dishes. When a teacher asked them what they were making, Taylor and Logan said, “PIZZA!” So of course the recipe of choice was PIZZA for our cooking project on Friday.


The children were allowed into the kitchen in order to have a real cooking experience.  It allows the children to be in the correct environment to cook, and helps them take the job very seriously. ;0)  They were excited about being in the kitchen, and they wanted to see and touch all of the utensils and ingredients. We talked about the measuring cups and teaspoons, then we talked about all of the ingredients we were using.
The children took turns measuring and pouring the ingredients into the food processor and they helped one another by counting.


 OOPS! Our pizza dough didn’t turn out to be edible (hehe), that is what happens sometimes with our projects. ;0)  But the children didn’t mind one bit because it was good to play with! ;0) We brought the dough back into the classroom and the children took it to a table and began making small pizza’s of their own! They flattened the dough with a roller and  rolled up the dough then put them in their baking trays. Later that day, we tried making the pizza dough again and this time it came out okay. ;-P

This morning, the children saw that the dough rose, and that it was ready to be baked! So all of the children got a piece of dough and they used their kitchen utensils to flatten it out. They put their own pizza sauce, cheese, and pepperoni on their dough and rolled it up, like pizza rolls!




Some of the children wanted to eat the cheese, some wanted to eat the pepperoni, and there were some who wanted to eat the pizza raw. 😛



We baked the pizza rolls and had them for lunch.  Most of the children loved the recipe, however, there were a couple of children who wondered why it didn’t look like a “traditional” pizza. They were sharing with their friends, and taking “big bites”. ;0)



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