Pink, Heart Pancakes

One morning, a group of children wanted to play with play-dough in the kitchen, so they made their own! The helped the teacher mix the flour, salt, and water. One of the students brought pink food coloring and a heart shaped cookie cutter. They dyed the dough pink and took turns using the cookie cutter to make hearts. The children were making pancakes!

Taylor: We made pink play-dough and now we are making pancakes with strawberries!

Alena: Patty cake, patty cake, bakers man!

Aven: Look, Jayson… it’s a heart.

Zoey: For Valentines!

Alexander: We are gonna put the strawberries on the pizza!

Aven: No, it’s a pizza heart.

Taylor: And hot dogs, and pancakes! Everyone in my school wants pancakes!
(She counted 9 children)

Aven: Yeah, pink pancakes.

Alexander: Who wants pancakes?

(Alexander, Aven, Alena, and Taylor all put their hands up and said “ME!”)

Aven made pink, heart shaped pancakes and put them on a plate. She was serving the pancakes to her friends.  :-)

That afternoon, we had a class discussion about our cooking project. We talked about how one of our classmates is allergic to strawberries, and the teacher asked the children what else we could put on our pancakes.

Jake: Blueberries!

Aven: Ketchup!

Teacher: Ew, ketchup on pancakes?! ;-P

Jake: No, ketchup is good on fries.

Jack: And on chicken.

Jake: But not on pancakes. But sugar and sprinkles are good on pancakes.

Jack:  And butter and honey.

So, we decided to use sprinkles, butter, and honey! 😀 The children brought ingredients to school for pancakes, and they were anticipating the pink, heart shaped pancakes. They remembered ingredients from previous cooking projects such as flour and vanilla extract, and they were naming them off while they poured and mixed them. The children measured and counted cups / teaspoons.  They were interested in smelling and tasting the ingredients in the bowl as they mixed them. 😛 Next, they added pink food coloring and sprinkles, and the colors of the sprinkles blended in with the mix.

The children were excited to help make the pancakes! We brought the electric skillet to the hallway and poured pancakes then flipped them.   They talked about their experience with mixing the ingredients together, and they noticed that the sprinkles and the pink dye made the mixture purple. We counted 13 children, and 13 pancakes.  When they were done, the children passed around the heart-shaped cookie-cutter and cut hearts out of their pancakes.

It was delicious! The children poured their own syrup and ate their pancakes as they talked about how it was a circle, but now it’s a heart!


The children cook every week based on the projects they develop on their own in the kitchen area of the classroom. When we proceed to use different materials through out the week, they come up with different ideas and ingredients to include in their cooking project. By the end of the week, we use these ideas and many skills such as:

  • Fine Motor Skills when measuring, mixing and pouring ingredients
  • Math Skills (adding/subtracting and one-to-one correspondence) when measuring and counting cups, tablespoons, and teaspoons.
  • And Reading Skills when reading the ingredients and directions of the cooking recipe.


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