Dolphin Crasher and Zoo

Years ago, we received two small baby turtles that the students decided to name Sam and Target. They immediately became part of our Little Wonders Family and the students cared for them and learned from them everyday.


Recently, we have noticed that Sam and Target were getting too big for their tank here at school.  The children and the teachers discussed how it might be time to let them live in a bigger environment. We all decided that it would be best to let Sam and Target go in a big pond near our school. A pond that had a lot of other turtles that they could be friends with!

One day we all gathered together outside to say goodbye to Sam and Target and there were two surprises for the students to see.


Two baby turtles that we would help raise just like we did with Sam and Target! One of our parents said they needed a good home and we were excited take on the job!

The students were excited to see the Sam and Target together with the two new turtles!

Mrs. Maryam and Coach Chip held the four turtles and told everyone how it was time to let Sam and Target live in a bigger environment because they were getting too big for our tank here at the school.

She also introduced us to the two new turtles that we would be taking care of!

Coach Chip held Sam and Target.

Mrs. Maryam held the two baby turtles.

The children were excited to get the two new additions to our school!

Everyone waved a BIG good-bye to Sam and Target!!!!

We will miss you!

And we welcomed our two new turtles that the students have named Dolphin Crasher and Zoo!!

Bye Sam and Target!

Thank you for allowing us to learn from you and teaching us to care for you.

We will miss you!!!

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