Creating colors!

Today in art class we are starting our first class introduction into our self portrait studies. For all of you are who are unfamiliar with what we did last year during this time please revisit our self portrait study… it is well worth your time! It was such an inspiring and in depth study into our student’s personalities and characteristics… we are so excited to start working on it again this year!

To start things off, we started talking about colors and understanding what colors make other colors. In other words, our primary and secondary colors!

 The visual stimulation that comes along with mixing colors is fascinating, and something that all children and even adults should explore!

Each child started off with a pallet of red, yellow, and blue, our primary colors!

They were each asked to draw a triangle in the middle of their paper and add one primary color to each point on the triangle.

Next, they were asked to mix each of their primary colors with one other primary color and create a secondary color!

Red and blue make purple!

After mixing yellow and red, we made orange!

Yellow and blue make green!

What beautiful color wheels!

Check our amazing spectrum of colors!

These simple pallets create an art piece all their own!

The students had so much fun creating new colors they asked if they could continue mixing colors to see what happens if they mixed all the colors together!

What color did they make?


Others added a little more blue to the mixture and they got the color…

Black!!! (you can see it in the top right corner)

Some of the students asked if they could fill the center of their color wheel with the new color that they made. “This is the color that is made if you mix all the colors together,” Alex said.

We continued to mix colors and create a pallet of beautiful shades.

To hear a child’s excitement over a new color that they created is absolutely wonderful!

Here, the students are free to explore, free to wonder, free to express what they see, think, and feel! How privileged are we to be able to witness these discoveries on a daily basis!

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