Exploring With All of Our Senses

Today we presented new sensory tubes made of bubble wrap for our infants. Inside of the tubes we included different sized bells to create an auditory experience and a variety of colored materials to create visual experience.

We were so excited to see the children explore with all of their senses!

This texture sure is interesting!

One of our children has spotted something inside, but he can’t quite figure out how to get to it!

We watched as he worked on focusing his vision on the objects inside. Becoming more aware of his hands and fingers, he was challenged with constant attempts to grab the objects inside.

He started to get frustrated as he struggled to hold onto the long object!

When his hands were not enough, he grabbed the bottom of the tube with his feet for more stability! AMAZING PROGRESS!

Others were not quite sure what to do with it at first.

Hmmm… this feels very interesting!

Look what i can do! I can lift it over my head!

Now I have two of them!

He discovered that by hitting the two tubes together it makes more noise!

He was determined not to let it go as he began to crawl!

He made it his mission to stand up while holding the shaker!

He is going for it!


Sensory play is important for infants.  From birth children learn with their senses-touching, smelling, tasting, seeing and hearing.  We intentionally provide children with experiences to actively use their senses as they explore the world.

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