Playing with Paper

Paper is one material that is available is so many textures, sizes and colors.  It is the perfect material for infants to have endless fun.  They hold it, shake it, tear it, crumble it, make sounds with it, and anything else that they discover it might do.

Providing children with open ended materials that allow them to explore and discover new things is something that our school implements on a daily basis.  This is the key to fostering creativity in our children.

The children found huge pieces of brown paper on the floor in their room one day…….

One little boy found it fun to crawl under it and shake it on top of himself……….

These two children squealed as they took turns crawling on top of the paper and moving it around….

Hmmmm…….at first he wasn’t too sure about what was going on.

But it didn’t take long for these two to jump in and have some fun…..

We had group play and every one joined in……..

A couple of times, we got lost in the paper! lol!

But we found our way out again!

The children spent a good deal of time working with the paper.  This material allowed for the children to think.  Materials are the basis for science, mathematics, or any endeavor that requires the brain to make connections, see cause and effect, set and reach goals.  The paper allowed the children to build sustained attention, work and play together, and explore……

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