Mastering Art Materials

We provide our infants with opportunities to promote cognitive development and improve motor skills  everyday.  They take pleasure in art projects, and although some of them may not have the motor skills to manipulate a brush, they find ways to use the materials to create beautiful pieces.  We are excited to put the new mural up with some of the photos taken from this project!


Some of us have become more familiar with the paint and the brush, and are now using them to make marks on the paper, and on other places………… ourselves! ;0) Some of us love the way the paint feels in our hands, and the way it makes our hands look after we touch it!  Some of us used our friends as a canvas…………….  Our little ones had the opportunity to use these materials as well, and they did a FINE job if we do say so ourselves! ;0)  We tried to eat the paper, but that didn’t work out! ;0)  Such beautiful pieces created by such little hands…………..

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