Our Nature Table


The weather is beautiful, and so is the nature that fall brings to us.

The children are learning that the weather is changing—a new season is here!  They enjoy gathering fallen acorns, feathers, and leaves. What if we were to bring them inside?

The nature outside is full of educational experiences, and provides the children with the opportunity to learn what comes from nature. We have set up a nature table so that the children could experience this without even going outside!



There are many different shapes, sizes, textures, and colors in nature. The children were able to explore this nature first hand through the nature table.



The children were very observant of the natural materials set out for them. They were touching and feeling the items, observing the shapes and colors of them, and placed them inside the frames.  They were quiet… using their concentration skills and observational skills then continuing to make art through nature.



































  • While they are using their sensory abilities and fine-motor skills, they were:

–          Seeing and comparing the shapes, colors, and sizes of acorns, rocks, feathers, and leaves. (Are acorns big or small? Round or flat?)

–          Feeling and comparing the textures. (Is a feather hard or soft? Smooth or rough?)

  • The children were using their observational skills as well as their cognitive skills when they were looking at the natural materials. They see a difference in nature, and as they learn about the season changing and how nature reacts to the weather, they will begin to understand the concepts of nature undergoing a change.

–          Where are the acorns from? Did they fall from a tree?

–          Why aren’t the leaves green anymore?

These are examples of questions that the teachers ask the children as they are working.  It allows for the children to think and observe while they are using the materials.  It makes learning about Autumn more dynamic.  We are not only reading about Fall in books, but we are living the learning.  The children are taking “nature walks” with their families and bringing in the items.  They are the ones that find them in nature and bring them in for our  nature table.  It brings more excitement and meaning to this project.  We are also allowing for a creative element as they compose art pieces with these materials.  We are allowing for a whole new dimension of nature with children.

The art pieces they have produced in the frames really would look beautiful framed on our walls, wouldn’t it ????? ;0)


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