Playing with play-dough is beneficial to their fine motor skills as well as their social development and creativity. The children are encouraged to explore their imagination through many play areas and materials.

We have play dough in the kitchen so that the children can make pretend food and this leads to a cooking project every week.

A group of children were playing in the kitchen one morning. They were rolling balls and serving them to each other and Jacob said, “We’re making meatballs!” The children were excited about making meatballs, so we decided to make them for our cooking project!

That week, many children brought ingredients to help us with this project. Usually, we have basic ingredients like flour and sugar, but this week we had different spices like ground mustard and dried oregano! We lined them up on the table and the teachers went through the ingredients with the children and allowed them to smell it. Miss Karla even showed them some ingredients and said them in Spanish while the children were repeating after her!

Then we put on our gloves!


The children took turns measuring and pouring the ingredients. We looked at the measurements and went over the ingredients again. Then we mashed it all together! It was messy, so the children didn’t’t want t put their hands in the mush… 😉


Next, we tried using an ice cream scooper, and a tablespoon to scoop out our meatballs, but that didn’t’t work so we had to roll them ourselves. Again, the children didn’t’t want to touch the mush.


Teacher: Yummy, meatballs! Can we eat them now?
Jack: No, we have to cook them first!

We baked the meatballs for 30 minutes….


….and the children had them for their afternoon snack. They thought it was tasty! Some wanted ketchup for their meatballs! 😛 Maybe we should make meatballs again…


Every week, the class has a cooking project that helps them with their math and reading skills; the children read the ingredients and they look at the numbers of measurements then count them as we pour. Also the cooking project helps them become more familiar with the kitchen utensils and main ingredients.

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