Babies are learners, too! At Little Wonders, our teachers job is to support that learning in any and every way. We allow our babies to have their own schedules. All children are different and we help encourage their individuality by supporting them at every stage of development. Mothers are also a big part of our baby room. We keep them informed about their child’s day, everyday. Click here to view the Infant Blog.

In our toddler room, our teachers take time to really be with toddlers in the classroom. Teachers are there to guide your child in discovery and exploration that helps them understand and learn new things. A large amount of time is available for continuous, self-initiated play. The basis for our curriculum ideas is the observation of children’s interests and activities. There is minimum interruption from adults and adults’ ideas; but our teachers are still right in the middle of the action helping children share space and material while interacting with each other. Every interaction matters! With each interaction children are inquiring, negotiating, solving problems and conflict. Our curriculum is rich and takes place in an every day routine which also includes meals, clean up and self-care. Parents are a big part of our program too. Teachers develop a partnership with parents to enhance school experience and validate home experience. Click here to visit the Toddler 1 or Toddler 2 blog.

In our Preschool room, the basis for our curriculum is built from the children. Learning takes place by the ideas coming from the children. The teacher’s planning and interaction is toward stimulating the emergence of children’s ideas and understandings. The children become the researchers in the classroom by learning to ask questions and collect data to answer them while the teachers are their facilitators. Ongoing projects are in depth studies of phenomena in the child’s every day world. Projects can last a few hours, a month or up to a year! We also take field trips if applicable to the project. We encourage parents to get involved in these projects because we believe the parent/teacher interaction is essential in a child’s education. Click here to view the Pre-School or PreKinder blog.

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In the Fall of 2011, Little wonders began the expansion of their education.  The School of Wonders was founded to offer a Reggio Emilia inspired Elementary Program.  It is an educational program that balances traditional academics with innovative research projects.  Students are provided with an enriched and inspiring program.  Some of the components are bi-weekly library visits, a computer lab, photography, a sewing station, a comprehensive art curriculum led by a professional artist, a literacy program, and field trips to locations related to the children’s projects.  These field trips are arranged to integrate teaching with learning and, as such, students conduct research, interview people, perform scientific experiments, navigate, compute, document, reflect in journals and create work.  Children are allowed to build their own foundation through hands-on learning, we believe intelligence is not memorized….it is created.  Children are excited, engaged and captivated by learning and, learning through direct experience brings life to learning. Click here to visit the Elementary blog.


We have an excellent After School Program that does not involve watching TV or playing video games. We provide additional learning time for school-age children that strengthens their study routine. After school, we assist your children with any homework or projects they may have. We work closely and communicate with parents to guide their children toward the best education possible. With homework out of the way, there are a number of activities to enhance the children’s creativity and skills in a productive and supervised environment. Children also get some exercise with outside play in our playground.  The FUN begins here after school, but the learning never stops!