Ocean Biome

Look at this Ocean Biome that Tirza created!

We have dug in deep into our Biome investigation, and now we know what a biome is! We talked about how the ocean is a biome and how the ocean animals can only survive in their specific biome.  Moving animals into other biomes would most likely cause the animal to die.  This helped us think of other biomes on the Earth.

This is the list the children came up with: OCEANS, DESERS, FORESTS, RAIN FORESTS, JUNGLES, PLAINS

As our conversation continued, we began discussing how we needed to recreate the ocean in our salt water tank.

Nohea said, “We need clean water.  Pond water and river water looks green.”

Trevor said, “We can get salt water from the beach.”

Luke said, “We can get buckets and go to the beach and get salt water.”

Julian said, “If we get saltwater from the beach for our tank, we wont be able to see the fish in the tank.”  This was our AHHA MOMENT!

Kaelynn said, “We can get water, and get salt in it”.

Aidan said, “We can buy salt get fresh water, pour the salt in it, and then we will have salt water.”

Trevor said, “We can buy salt water!”

The teachers asked, “We have a lot of good ideas, but who can we ask to see what is the best way to put salt water in the tank?”

The children all agreed we should go to a pet store.  Julian said, “My mom knows one that has fish, and I am going to ask her.”

So it looks like we might be planning a field trip to a fish store soon!  And for the time being, we are studying different species of fish.  We are having the children do the research to determine which animals should go in the tank.  They are creating books about the animals, researching on the computer and in books, watching videos of the species, and using art materials to communicate characteristics of these animals.

Look at some of our recent clay work……..



So far we are making sharks, fish, star fish, and an octopus……..



















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