Biome Presentations with Google

The students of Little Wonders summer program have been diligently working on their biome projects for the last four weeks.  They began by determining what a biome is and then later researching all the details of their biome.   The students knew so much about their topic that they compiled a slide show presentation of all the information they gathered.   Asking students to make presentations in class is a good way to get the presenters very engaged with the material.  Our students were so nervous, but this is an excellent opportunity for the students to be more comfortable talking in front of an audience.  Many feel like kindergarteners are not old enough to make a presentation, but if we provide these opportunities for our children we will find that they are capable of so much more than we could ever imagine.  And we would love to show you what our children are capable of.  Please view the videos of our students.

Video from June 20th

Video from July 13th


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