Pretend Kitchen Play

The children have been exploring in the kitchen area and carrying the materials to different areas of the room. When children play in the kitchen, it allows them to learn to count, indulge in their sense of smell, touch and taste, learn about proportions and are introduced to a variety of shades within one color. Pretend play has a major benefit to social, emotional, and mental development in children and leads to increased communication skills. Children are allowed to be whoever they want to be in pretend play.

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“As kids act out the part of somebody else, empathy is planted. When children realize they can be any character they want to be, their self-confidence could grow. And with this comes the desire and strength to explore new things.”
Rony Pollock 

Moreover, children are introduced to a variety of problems that they have to solve with kitchen play. For example, what material should best replace a lost play kitchen fork or spoon? According to Pollock, this process of looking for solutions to obstacles develops the analytical skills of your child and promotes resourcefulness, creativity, abstract thinking and logical reasoning. Most of us don’t give children real, raw eggs to bake with, so they “crack” plastic eggs (or imaginary eggs or even a round object) and recall how the egg looks in the bowl. When children pull a imaginary cake out of the oven and comment on how delicious this chocolate cake smells, they are recalling past memories and further developing their cognitive skills. This imaginary practice of baking, serving, and preparing food is beautiful to watch because the children are mimicking things they learn from their parents!

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