Building Homes

Many of the children wanted to draw, paint and play in the house area.  The teachers started talking to the children about what they were drawing and doing, and Juliet began to talk about her house!

This conversation started one big piece of art.  Other children started drawing and painting with her.  We talked about who lives in our houses, what types of rooms are in our houses, and what we have inside of our playrooms.  It seemed that “books” was what everyone had in their playrooms!

We used this conversation to move over to the easels.  Juliet drew her house and described to the rest of the class what she made…..

“That is my room.  That is my mommy’s room.  That is my daddy’s room.  That is Juliet’s playroom.”  We asked her what she had in her playroom…..

“Books!”  and what else?  “Books!”  and what else “Books!”


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