Catching a Grasshopper

Our class has been so fortunate to observe and catch many insects from outside lately!  As the children find them, the teachers help catch them for the day in order to allow the children to observe them and create projects from their observations.

On this day, they caught a grasshopper!  Oh how interested the children were.  They talked about the color, what they thought he ate, how he jumped, and so much more.  It was a wonderful provocation to encourage the children to describe the insect, and engage in conversations with each other.  












We quickly grabbed what ever materials we thought could help the children continue their interests.  They focused on the color of the insect, so we provided them with every material in the class that we found that was the color green.





And off to work they went.  Free to chose what materials they needed, and free to express their thoughts and theories in which ever way they wished.


Some chose to make collages……..


 Some chose to draw.  All the while, the teachers ask questions, and continue talking about the parts and color of the grasshopper as the children draw.  This helps bring life to their drawing and brings in the concept of meaning behind the marks that they are making.  It helps the children have the ability to communicate their images to the rest of the class and teachers.

Here are some of the pieces they drew.  Each one represents the grasshopper.  If you look closely you can see the dots for eyes, and other parts of the insect.  Lines are drawn for legs, and circles are drawn for the body and head.  The scribbles are beginning to form complex images.






Since then, we have observed moths, lady bugs, stink bugs (well, that is what we call it ;0) we don’t actually know the real name!), and ants.  The children LOVE the insects, and we will be providing them with more to investigate soon!


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