Time for Pizza

When the children began talking about pizza while they played with sand and other materials in class, we thought it would be good for us to take “time” to make pizza in class. Instead of spending only Friday making the pizza, we thought it would be worth while to spend 2 – 3 days making the dough, sauce, and pizza.


One morning we spent the entire morning letting children freely move in and out of the dough making process.  At the age of two, we cannot expect children to sit for long periods of time working on one activity.  If they have the interest to………..wonderful!  If they do not, then we have other opportunities to learn in our environment.

We were excited to see that the children were calm, interested, and knowledgeable in this activity.  They did make the dough as we instructed, but then they were interested in continuing to scoop and pour flour in the bowl.

We followed their interest and allowed them to feel the flour in their hands and scoop the extra flour in another bowl.  Children learn through doing.  So they were allowed to continue “making pizza dough” after the real dough was made.



(not so sure about what was going on! ;0)

we let the children feel the flour and we talked about the color, and how soft and smooth it felt in our hands…………


we measured and poured……..


some of us had evidence of tasting the ingredients ;0)



We mixed the dry ingredients……..

we mixed it in a “circle”.  we focused on making circular hand movements, which is also helping with our handwriting!  We are now helping the children understand how to make movements with their hands to make the correct marks with their writing materials to make letters and other complex images.

we are lucky to have a food processor to do all of the dough work for us. ;0)  We added our dry and wet ingredients and watched the machine create the dough right before our eyes……..



The next day we made the sauce.  Lucky for our expert gardeners, we have plenty of herbs to choose from in our garden.  This recipe called for rosemary and oregano, which we have plenty of!  We showed the children what herbs to pick and they were excited to finally be allowed to pull things out of the garden, lol!


Time to make the sauce.  We mixed all of our ingredients, and cut all of our cherry tomatoes.


We threw some extra pizza toppings in there at the end!  No harm done right??


The next day, we each came out to create our own mini pizza…………..


some of us did not want to ruin our perfect dough, lol, but with the teachers guidance, we did wind up making a pizza.

We rolled out our dough…..

put whatever toppings we wanted, and sometimes however MUCH we wanted…………….

we observed our pizzas, and marveled at how awesome they were, lol!



We helped each other with toppings and talked about what we had on our pizzas.


In the end, we ate some tasty pizzas on Friday.  The children really made three recipes in one, and they got to see some of the ingredients grow in the garden, and be used as food.  The toppings for the pizza were a variety of colors and textures.  We are glad that the children showed interest in all of the ingredients and tried to eat them.  They are being exposed to making and trying new foods each week.


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