Water Beads


On a cold and rainy day, we took advantage of our common area and prepared an irresistible invitation for the children.

Who wouldn’t want to get their hands involved in playing with these water beads??????


Many utensils were out for the children to grab and begin open ended play.  This was a wonderful opportunity for the materials in the environment to allow for the children to initiate their own paths of learning.

And so it began……………………


some of them were slow and careful initially.  Not quite sure of what these were and what to do with them.

Slowly scooping and pouring, and learning about the texture, weight, and other characteristics of this interesting material.



Fine tuning our motor skills, and concentrating on getting them in the spoon in order to pour them in the cup.  If you cant scoop them up from the pan, why not put them in the spoon with your hand. ;0)

Managing the ladle posed some difficulty, but she persisted, and managed to scoop them up and pour them in the cup.

As time went on, different groups of children came to visit the area, all choosing to experience the environment in a different way.

This next group of children worked very well together.  They communicated, offered help, took turns and worked hard to fill the water bottles with the water beads.  It was hard getting them in the small opening in the bottle, but their persistence paid off!

some wound up taking the easy way out! ;0)  filling up the cup was much easier, lol!

They took time to “make pizza” and serve each other………………

We were impressed to find this funnel experiment going on.  This was another way she discovered to fill up the container.

Picking the right colors to go in the bowl was a task as well.  Only pink, purple, and blue were allowed……….

Little by little, the children made their way into other areas, and back to the room to prepare for lunch.  But one little one was not finished working. ;0)

We watched her working with such concentration and determination, that we dared not ask her to clean up and leave.  She is valued and respected in our school, as is every child who enters our building.  She was given the time she needed to complete her project……

We noticed her placement of the red cups all in a line next to her tray.  She was patiently taking the empty cups, filling them up to the level she was satisfied with, and them putting them back in line where they belonged……



When all of the cups were full, she decided she was done.  She looked up at the teachers with a sweet smile, showing how proud she was of her work.


We teachers are privileged to work with children on this level.  The Reggio Emilia philosophy allows for us to discover the children in new ways each day.  Each day is exciting in that we never know what they will discover and do.  We learn from them, but most of all we get to observe how amazing and innovative they are.  We strive to foster the development of these characteristics by valuing their ideas and their work.

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