Little Firemen


Pretend play is a great way for children to express their creativity while also sharing their emotions and memories. Through pretend play, children act out what they’ve learned, what they’re curious about, or they’re simply exploring through imagination. This provides them to think through abstract and realistic situations, and helps them improve their problem solving-skills as well as social skills.

The children were all lining up chairs in the dress up area. The child in the very first chair was wearing a fireman hat, and all of the children were yelling, “We’re going to the fire house, where the fire fighters are!” The children talking to one another while they were ‘driving’ their ‘fire truck’…. ;-P

Jackson: We’re all fire fighters!
Alexander: Fire fighters spray fire!
Jackson: If there’s a fire, the fire fighters come in the house then we have to get out and they have to spray the fire!
Logan: Fire is smoke!
Alexander: There’s fire in the volcanoes!
(All of the children began saying, “Fire is really hot!”)


The children were so full of excitement, we put a video on about firemen and fire safety. They all sat and listened intently. Occasionally, a child would point to the computer screen and tell their friends about what they were observing in the video.

After the video, we talked about what we do if the fire alarm goes off in the classroom…
Jackson: If there’s a fire in the school, we have to get out.
Logan: We have to go to the fence!
Taylor: Out the red door and stay with your teacher!


All of the children lined up and followed the teacher out of the red door and to the back fence. There, the teacher reviewed the fire safety video. The children learned that if fire were to ever touch them, they would stop, drop, and roll! All of them wanted to practice! 😛


Once they came back inside, the children wanted to draw pictures of what they’ve learned…

And then they wrote some words…



We went to the hallway and drew a BIG fire truck. The children looked at pictures of fire trucks and counted the tires and talked about the shape and color of the fire truck! One child even saw the ladder and wanted to draw it… he said, “the fire truck has a ladder to save someone!”


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