Freedom to Create

Today all of the children were so excited to be back they did not waste any time. As we all know, they enjoy drawing so much that when they draw, they create multiple drawings! Whether it is paint, pastels, markers, pencils, or tape, there is no stopping these children’s creativity.

Creating these drawings help the children with recognizing shapes, colors, and letters, as well as fine tuning their motor skills. The children are now experts at identifying colors.  So much so, that they are now describing the different shades of colors.   So when it comes to choosing a color for their creative art work, they are very adamant about which color they choose.

No matter if  they are using a marker, a paintbrush, or a short oil pastel, all of these materials help improve the children’s motor skills. We may not realize it as adults, but it takes skill and strong coordination to master drawing with oil pastels on newsprint paper.  The children have to master holding the paper in a way that when they draw with the oil pastel, the paper stays flat and allows them to draw their image.  Otherwise, the paper will wrinkle under the pastel and they are not able to draw.

We are also begining to observe that although all of these materials are available to them daily, our little scholars now have thier favoites.  Some of the children prefer paint, others markers, and some love the characteristics of the oil pastels.

Here are just a few of the many many drawings made by the children!


“My name.” By: Holden D.


“Minnie Mouse.” By: Juliet D.




” I make cars.” By: Cody A.


“I make a ice cream.” By: Om S.


“A Tractor” By: Gemma G.


“Circles.” By: Cason B.

“A house” By: Alena G.


“A tiger” By: Zoey H.

“I make it.” By Carmichael G.

“My Mommy”  By: Carissa G.

“Mommy” By: Cara G.

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