Thinking Outside The Box

Thinking “outside the box” gives children the chance to build on interest, and learn on working together in solving their problems. A box would provide them the them with the hands on experience as well as learning and exploring concepts in language, math, science, arts, and social development.

One morning, a group of children found a box. They wanted to push it around, turn it around, and climb inside! The children had many different ideas and perspectives about the box, but there was too much excitement! But one child had a great idea… let’s decorate the box!








Once the box was at the art table, it was a lot calmer and the children worked together in decorating the box. They painted, drew, and glued glittler and scraps of paper to it.





Though they were working in a team to decorate the box, the children still had different ideas, and they were telling one another about them… Eventually, they all decided it was a car. 😉

Connor: We’re gonna make the box into a car! It got wheels, it’s a small car!
Cason: A box!
Taylor: It’s a car
Jayson: And it goes VROOM VROOM!
Alena: Or an airplane… it’s fast in the sky.


So Cara, Carissa, Gemma, and Taylor worked together in making the, “wheels, tires, doors, and the roof”!






The children worked together using their cognitive and problem solving skills by thinking through the situation and coming up with a solution. They were voicing their ideas to one another and using their social, language, and observational skills, the came up with an agreement.

When adults see a peice of cardboard with four sides, a bottom, and an open top… we think it’s a box. But it’s so much more than that. First it was a butterfly, then it was a pie… The children were inspired to use their imagination and they could see so much potential in something as simple as a 3-demnsional peice of cardboard. :-)





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