Preschool’s Pumpkin Patch

The fall brought many learning experiences. The children were able to see the leaves changing colors, the acorns falling, and the weather changing. They were also able to have fun with pumpkins!

One morning, we read a book about pumpkins. We learned that pumpkins grow from seeds, and they grow in patches. The children talked about how the pumpkins are orange and round, and they wanted to draw them!

Some of the children made pumpkin seeds…




Some of them made one big pumpkin…


Some made a pumpkin patch…





Raymond made the whole plant! A pumpkin seed, the stem, leaf, and the pumpkin! ;-P



The children were talking to one another about their pumpkins as they drew them…

Jack: Pumpkins come from a factory!
Taylor: No, they grow out of the garden!
Isabella: The come on Halloween!
Alena: They have 1-2-3-4-5 seeds!
Gemma: This many seeds… (holds up ten fingers)
Taylor: Pumpkins smell like chicken and cheese!

The children were encouraged to bring pumpkins to school so that they could decorate them for the school festival. The art table provided them with the materials. They were festinated with gluing and painting glitter on the pumpkins. The children were sharing their pumpkins with their friends, and letting them help decorate them. They were all talking about their pumpkins…


Alexander: I got a big pumpkin…
Jack: Do I have a small one?
Jacob: I do, I have a small one.
Logan: Alexander has the biggest pumpkin.
Alexander: I’m going to bring another pumpkin…
Aven: I’m making a spider!
Jacob: You can paint a picture! I will eat my little pumpkin… take the seeds out and spell pumpkin pie!



The children painted their pumpkins for days! They were happy to see their pumpkins outside for the Fall Festival!








We had one extra pumpkin left! We cut off the stem and let the children dig their hands in!

Some children didn’t want to touch the mush, some wanted to dig right in! We gave them spoons and a bowl and the cleaned out the pumpkin. The children separated the seeds from the mush!

They wanted to help rinse the seeds off. We talked about the seeds, and we revisited what we learned about pumpkins and how they are grown from these seeds!

Our pumpkin project was very exciting for the children. They read books, watched videos, painted their own pumpkins, and got to clean out the inside of one.


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