Preschool Alphabet

As children develop better control over the muscles in their hands and fingers, their scribbles begin to change and become more controlled.  We are noticing repeated marks on their papers – open circles, diagonal, curved, horizontal and vertical lines.  The children are creating their own alphabet! ;0)

We are at the point in our development where the children are expressing a difference in writing and drawing when they describe their work.  We want to provide as many opportunities in the classroom to encourage development in these skills.  This is an important step toward reading and writing.

One of the new materials in our class is the “post it notes”!  The children LOVE these and we are putting them in new places every week to encourage more writing.    We can now look at the post its and find the same marks on them, helping us to determine which child is responsible for the marks.  It truly is becoming a new “alphabet”!


























We have provided many other opportunities to improve our reading and writing skills.  Take a look in our room and speak with the teachers to see all of the exciting things that are going on!

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