Pineapple Exploration

Recently the children have been studying the color yellow in class. They explored the color yellow in different materials, from play-doh, flowers outside, to paint and water our food exploration for the week incorporated yellow in different aspects so pineapple was a great material to explore the color further.

Little Wonders Pineapple ExplorationLittle Wonders Pineapple ExplorationWe set up the pineapple on our light table cut up into very different pieces. Some were long pieces and some were circles of pure yellow pineapple. The tops were left intact to show the green leaves off.
The children recognized what was placed on the light table. We asked them what colors they saw and to count the pieces they had.

Little Wonders Pineapple ExplorationLittle Wonders Pineapple ExplorationLittle Wonders Pineapple ExplorationLittle Wonders Pineapple ExplorationLittle Wonders Pineapple Exploration

Little Wonders Pineapple Exploration

Most of the children said the pineapple was yellow and the leaves were green. One child placed the long pieces of rhine on top of the spiky leaves as she counted aloud. We then set out yellow paint and brushes for them to paint with. When the children play and explore with food it helps them gain a deeper understanding of what they are trying to learn. The more everyday items, materials, and foods we can expose them to in any color the more they will retain the names of each color. This enriches their learning experiences instead of just memorizing their colors.

This provocation allowed the children to gain an extensive understanding of the color yellow by matching, identifying, and naming the different colors, textures and shape of the pineapple.  These are important skills to begin developing at this age that can be utilized throughout each student’s intellectual journey. The children used their senses as they explored the colors and recognized that pineapple has many colors that are not just yellow. This color recognition activity strengthened the children’s cognitive process as they had to make a mental note of the color and then associate the appearance of the color with its name aloud. The experience allowed the children to expand their awareness of this particular color while incorporating various skills within the process to nurture strong and healthy minds!

Little Wonders Pineapple ExplorationLittle Wonders Pineapple Exploration

“A person can grow only as much as his horizon allows.”

-John Powell

Little Wonders Pineapple Exploration

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