Piling, Stacking, & Building

The castle room students have started stacking materials around the classroom, after noticing the children’s interest in piling  things.

Photo May 14, 4 26 33 PM

Photo Mar 31, 9 22 31 AM Photo Mar 31, 9 22 38 AM

Photo May 22, 4 19 22 PM

The teachers brought in materials: blocks and legos. Right away the students began building different structures however this time they did not stop stacking. Some students laid the blocks along the floor in line expressing that they were constructing a, “choo choo train”. A few students compiled the legos into squares indicating that their structure was a “house” or a “tower”.  The students made sure to explain what they were constructing with each arrangement.

Photo Apr 01, 4 44 38 PM

Photo Mar 31, 9 22 00 AM Photo Mar 31, 9 21 34 AM

Teachers saw this as a perfect literacy opportunity to introduce the class to words like assemble, build, and construction, using these words as they created. The teachers also used this moment to review colors and shapes, and to count. A few of our children even chose to draw their creations.

Photo Apr 02, 10 26 41 AM Photo Mar 30, 10 11 28 AM Photo Apr 02, 10 29 43 AM Photo Apr 02, 10 29 26 AM

This project came with an array of educational benefits. Building alone improves fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination ,while presenting new words as they build enhances vocabulary and language skills. Free range building exercises the students ability to be creative which develops concentration and great problem solving.

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