Percussion Instruments

11815977_10207712395314349_1465504348_nIn the star room the infants explored two new percussion instruments and their sounds. The provocation began with a chime ans a xylophone being placed on the floor in middle of the room.

11844145_10207712395634357_1984084280_n A couple of the infants were instantly attracted to see these new instruments, but still hesitant to touch. Once they saw one of their friends touch it and make a sound they experienced it for their self!


They all began to touch and grab to feel the instruments. Touching and grabbing the chimes help with the development of fine motor skills. fine motor skills involve the use of small muscles in the fingers, hand, and arm to manipulate control and use tools and materials.

11851077_10207712395154345_1991535620_nThey also worked on developing hand-eye coordination, where they use their vision to control the movements and actions of their small muscles. This is also an important component of fine motor skill development.


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