Painting at the Easel

The video below show’s a child painting and then describing what she made. The child starts by creating a painting using different lines, then she explores with technique, but is careful not to cover up the pink paint. She is patient, focused, and most importantly, there is intent behind her painting. At one point, the child asks for another smaller piece of paper. We believe this shows that she is proud of her accomplishment and wants to continue painting! Her request encouraged us to compare paper sizes together, and when she requested more paper, we asked her to cut the paper herself. By having her cut the paper, she was able to practice her fine motor skills, math, and measuring. At first the child cut the paper too long, however she noticed the length difference and continued to cut more paper until it was the right length.

Usually projects occur in the room and most people view them as a project focused around a certain subject like food, butterflies, or an animal. The children’s love of painting is magnified in the “Red Room” and the “House Room.” It’s free painting like this that shows us that simply painting at the easel is a project in it’s own. Every day at Little Wonders new stories are composed, colors are mixed, math is incorporated, and the children are able to grow and develop.


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