Painting an Ocean

The children in house room have been exploring mermaids and where they would live!  Recently, the students created mermaids out of loose parts and now they would like to create the back drop for their installation.  Children were asked where the mermaids came from and where they live.  Immediately they all replied, “in an ocean!”

IMG_7538The children began mixing the perfect color blue for the ocean by adding white and blue together.  Through this process the children were introduced to color theory and specifically focused on tints when they added white to the blue to lighten the color.IMG_7539

IMG_7542After mixing the paint, they began to paint all over the butcher paper .

IMG_7548This project allowed the children to  work on their team building skills  while creating a community art piece for the classroom.IMG_7557To add in a little more fun  at the end of this provocation, they turned it into a sensory  exploration where they began painting their hands and stamping them on the paper!IMG_7569




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