Open-ended Materials

One day we set up a provocation to encourage curiosity and creativity. In our minds, giving the children freedom to create and collaborate with no limits shows a large level of respect for the children. Open-ended materials tend to promote creativity and imagination.

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At the heart of creative art making is a playful attitude, a willingness to suspect everyday rules of cause and effect. Play is a state of mind and brings into being unexpected, unlearned forms freely expressed, generating associations, representing a unique sense of order and harmony, and producing a sense of well-being. Play and art making engender an act of courage equivalent in some ways to an act of faith, a belief in possibilities. Such an act requires and builds resilience, immediacy, presence, and the ability to focus and act with intention even while the outcome may remain unknown. Acting in the face of uncertainty and ambiguity is possible because pursuing the goal is worthwhile. These actions produce a greater sense of competence in children, who then grow up to be more capable adults.

To read a wonderful article on how open-ended materials promote creativity for life click here.

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  1. Shelley says:

    I love this activity! What are you using there? Tiles? Scraps from counter tops? Did you have them cut and the edges softened? So curious, can you tell me more?

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