Observing The Weather


The children love to play outside when it’s hot, cold, windy, or raining!  And they love to take the time and notice the sunshine, or the rain and they enjoy looking for the sun, or stomping in puddles. The children’s observation skills are important to their learning abilities and it expands their concentration skills, as well as their cognitive skills.

One morning, the children went outside to play. It was a foggy morning, and the sun was no where to be seen. A group of children were running around in circles, looking up at the sky…
Cason:  “ Look, it’s fog in the clouds.”
Taylor:  “Is it too cold to see the sun?”
Cason: “The sun is bright in the sky high.”
Taylor:  “The sky holds the sun and the moon.”
Jackson:   “There are clouds… pumpkins need the sun to grow!”
Alexander:   “That sky is blue.”
This converstation confirms that the children are really understanding so many concepts.  We observe the weather on a daily basis.  Some of the activities we do might be observing and drawing what we see ouside, talking about the temperature, observing colors and textures in nature, and listening to the sounds we hear outside.  By allowing the children to have conversations and experience “hands on” what we need to learn, they have a TRUE understanding of these concepts.

Alexander brought paper outside, then made an airplane to put in the blue sky. The other children followed his lead and drew pictures.














That very same day, it was raining outside! A group of children went outside to look at the falling rain. Again, the sun was no where to be seen. The teacher talked to the children about the rain and clouds.
Alexander:          “What is that?”
Baker:                   “It’s raining.”
Alexander:          “ That’s a rainstorm.”
Baker:                   “A storm?”
Baker:                   “That’s a storm…”
Jack:                      “It’s raining!”
Alexander:          “It’s dark outside…”
Baker:                   “The sun is gone.”
Emma:                  “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven!”
(Counting rain)

The teacher explained that the sun was hiding behind the clouds, and rain was coming from the clouds. So the children wanted to sit outside and draw pictures of what they saw in the sky.










We just have to add that this child chose a fabulous pair of shoes for the outdoor event! lol!




Observing the weather is a part of each day for the children.  The children are becoming more familiar with the different types of weather days, and are more understanding of wind, rain, sunshine, hot, and cold. They are building observational skills as they take time to evaluate the weather, and their problem-solving skills are improving as they ask questions or tell their classmates what they see and come up with conclusions from that.  Their cognitive skills will help them understand the cloud, sun, and moon’s effect on our weather, and with that they will learn about daytime and nighttime. As this is incorporated with story time, they will understand the concept of seasons. Eventually, the children will be able to say the date, season, and general types of weather.


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