Observing Cause and Effect

The children have been exploring different textures and observing cause and effect by adding different ingredients to certain materials. Some examples are water in dirt and cornstarch in play dough, just to name a few. The goal in this activity was to allow the children to discover the change in texture as they mixed two materials together.

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In our school we allow children to explore science topics freely. A table was set up outside with cornstarch and red and blue play dough. The children quickly went to investigate and wasted no time mixing the three together.

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They moved the palm of their hands through the cornstarch along the table and putting handfuls of it on the play dough to mix. The children also discussed the color of the play dough and cornstarch as well as how each item felt. Some key words that were used in our conversations were red, blue, white, soft, sticky and smooth.

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IMAG0324Children learn best and retain the most when they engage their senses. By giving the children this opportunity to investigate these materials with no preconceived knowledge, we’re helping them develop and refine their cognitive, social and emotional, physical and creative and linguistic skills.

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